Visit USA 2022 Travel Planner TA

XXXXXXX Relive nation-forming events at these key sites THE FREEDOM TRAIL The Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts, is a 2.5-mile self-walking route that links 16 significant historic revolutionary sites. They include the Old State House, John Adams Courthouse, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House – he of 'The British are coming' – USS Constitution and Old South Meeting House, where a gathering to discuss English tea taxes led to the Boston Tea Party protest. THEY are the places that shaped America’s history, from its earliest days as a British colony to its emergence as an independent country and its expansion west to the Pacific. These historic sites mark momentous events and pivotal moments in the growth of the country. History makers 22 Pictured Main image: a memorial close to San Antonio, Texas, recognises those who died fighting the Mexican Army; Above: Fort McHenry, near Baltimore; Opposite: Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia