Visit USA 2022 Travel Planner TA

54 America’s frontier and pioneering spirit lives on HEY DUDE Take your pick of ranches for different experiences. Dude ranches, such as the Dixie Dude Ranch in Texas and Montana’s Nine Quarter Circle Ranch, offer Western activities and offer guests a taste of ranch life. Meanwhile on working ranches, including Oregon’s Silvies Valley Ranch and Burnt Well Guest Ranch in New Mexico, guests can help cowboys and cowgirls on cattle drives. YEE-HAH! Stay on a ranch and find your City Slickers moment as you ride out with real cowboys or witness the thrills of a traditional rodeo to get a rootin’ tootin’ taste of America’s Old West. Rustic activities, gourmet meals and impeccable service under an expansive Western sky await! Pictured Main image: Learning the ropes on a dude ranch; Above left: Cowgirl win a rodeo in Las Vegas; Above right: Pastoral scene in Wyoming; Opposite page: Drink at an authentic saloon The Old West Credit