Visit USA 2022 Travel Planner TA

58 XXXXXXX Endless adventure With its diverse terrain, mighty rivers, majestic peaks and miles of coastline, the United States offers endless opportunities for adventure. From horse riding to rock climbing, kayaking to caving, step outside your comfort zone and you’ll discover more epic experiences than you could ever imagine. The challenge is on… PICTURED Main image: Exploring Oregon by bike; Above: A family horse-riding excursion in Utah; Above right: Pikes Peak, Colorado Springs; Opposite page: Top: Wyoming's Old Faithful Geyser; Centre: Mammoth Cave National Park; Bottom: ziplining over Umauma falls in Hawai'i SCALE WALLS OF ICE Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Ouray is the ‘Recreation Capital of Colorado’, with alpine canyons, lakes and rivers for canyoning, climbing and canoeing. In summer, mountain bikers and hikers ply the peaks, while winter brings intrepid climbers to the Ouray Ice Park, offering more than 200 climbs just a 10-minute walk from Main Street. Nowhere does adventure better than the U.S. ISTOCK.COM/FERRANTRAITE