Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

Boston's Freedom Trail The Freedom Trail in Boston, Massachusetts, is a 2.5-mile self-walking route that links 16 significant historic revolutionary sites. They include the Old State House, John Adams Courthouse, Faneuil Hall, Paul Revere House – he of 'The British are coming' – USS Constitution and Old South Meeting House, where a gathering to discuss English tea taxes led to the Boston Tea Party protest. the U.S. will mark the 246th anniversary of its independence in 2023, still a teenager in the history of nations. However, it is rich in attractions that trace its history to date, from those earliest days as a British colony to the civil war that shaped its identity to the struggle for civil rights and the momentous events of 9/11. 26 Pictured Main image: the Lincoln Memorial, a pure-white ancient Greek temple-style building in Washington D.C. Right: the Massachusetts State House, completed in 1798; Opposite: Independence National Historical Park, Philadelphia Photo by Caleb Kim on Unsplash HISTORY MAKERS IDENTITY LINEUP Visit key sites that trace significant moments in the nation's history