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58 BE INSPIRED As America grew, it seems every restless settler, cowboy, oil tycoon and budding entrepreneur paused or settled in what is now Oklahoma. Most notable are the 39 Native American tribes now headquartered in the 'Sooner State' as a result of having been resettled – willingly or forcibly – in the 1800s. Oklahoma is a richly-storied state: diverse, beautiful, welcoming and ready, willing and able to share these significant stories. It's at America’s crossroads, where ranchers raised cattle (and still do) and cowboys hit the famous Chisholm Trail. History Native American nations have rebuilt communities and prospered and now proudly share their stories at various tribal cultural centers, such as at First Americans Museum in Oklahoma City, Cherokee National History Museum in Tahlequah, Choctaw Cultural Center near Durant, and Chickasaw Cultural Center in Sulphur. It is where, in 1926, Tulsa businessman Cyrus Avery envisioned a highway connecting east and west and the now iconic Route 66 was born. Food Oklahomans come from many backgrounds and many nations. This diversity is perfectly reflected in cuisine across this state. Traditionally, it’s about hearty Western fare – BBQ ribs and steak; fried chicken; biscuits and gravy; Indian tacos; pie and ice cream. Today, local farm to fork sourcing is a big deal and Okies with roots all over the world – from Ireland to Italy and Sweden to Southeast Asia – offer an eclectic culinary experience in flourishing restaurant, craft- brewery, and winery scenes. Music Live music is everywhere, from huge arenas to ‘front-room’ bars. Home-grown artists, such as Vince Gill, Reba McEntire, Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton (to name just few) have become mega stars. Exciting new music attractions include a Bob Dylan ‘living archive’ at its own purpose-built, Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa. Be inspired, visit “Music to the ears: Oklahoma’s musical pedigree is strong and vibrant, a rich mix of country and blues; folk and bluegrass, and OK’s own ‘reddirt’ fusion” The turbulent growth of America created Oklahoma and its ‘uniqueness’ is best revealed during a unhurried USA road trip Land of What's New Visit Oklahoma