Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

The USA is criss-crossed with highways and byways offering fabulous road trips and unforgettable motorbike rides. Along the way you will experience America at its most colourful and dramatic. Whichever route you choose, you can be sure adventure and stunning landscapes will be just around the next bend in the road. dress up for easy riding There are few experiences more deserving of the 'Americana' tag than travelling a highway on a motorbike. Top rides include New England’s 63-mile-long Mohawk Trail, an ex-Native American trade route, while Arkansas attracts bike enthusiasts to its wide open plains in the Delta and twisty mountain backroads of the Ozark Mountains, with the Pig Trail, known for its 'stacked switchbacks'. Pictured Main image: See America's wide-open spaces and national parks on a road trip; Above: A motorcycle adventure in the White Mountains of New Hampshire; Opposite page: Santa Monica Pier is the end of the road for iconic Route 66, which runs from Chicago to the popular coastal city near Los Angeles 6 DRIVE TIME Hit the road Jack, on a memorable American journey / swissmediavision AMERICAN ROAD TRIPS