Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

64 From Maine to Hawaii you can reconnect with nature by visiting the forests, deserts, mountains, beaches and waterways of the U.S. In fact, stunning wilderness paths, trails that follow old rail tracks, tranquil rivers and lakes, secluded bays and National and State Parks are among the nation’s many natural assets. Pictured Main image: A family enjoy hiking in Arches National Park, Utah; Above: The 'Shadow of the Bear' casts itself over Whiteside Mountain, North Carolina; Opposite page from top: The dunes of Death Valley, California: An autumn walk in Vermont; Seagull Beach, Cape Cod, Massachusetts Take a wALK IN THE WOODS The Appalachian Trail meanders through 14 states, from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to Mount Katahdin, Maine. Travel writer Bill Bryson set out to hike all 2,200 miles of it and his experience was turned into a book and then a movie, with Robert Redford in the Bryson role. It takes up to seven months to walk the entire trail but most spend a day, weekend or week on the epic hiking route. CALL OF NATURE Suggestions to explore and enjoy some of The USA's scenic wonders THE GREAT OUTDOORS iSTOCKPHOTO.COM / Yobro10