Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

Whether it’s a close encounter of the furred kind, getting up close and personal with sea life above or below the waves, going batty or witnessing animal magic, the U.S. mainland and its islands and territories offer some of the best game and bird watching experiences to be found anywhere on earth Pictured Main image: Brown bears hunt for salmon in Katmai National Park, Alaska; Above right: Free-tailed bats at Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Texas, Opposite page: See whales in several states, including Hawaii, California, Alaska, Washington and Massachusetts THE BAT CAVE Between March and October, around 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats descend on Bracken Cave near San Antonio, Texas, an event thought to be the world’s largest-known concentration of mammals. Another 1.5 million bats roost below Austin’s Congress Avenue Bridge. Locals and visitors flock to see them take to the skies in vast clouds every evening at both locations. DIFFERENT BEASTS A huge variety of landscapes and protected areas are wildlife rich 36 WILDLIFE WATCHING