Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner 43 Xxxxxxx Many Rural areas offer magical CHRISTMAS DISPLAYS. More than a million people a year visit Oglebay Estate’s Festival of Lights in Wheeling, West Virginia, spread over 300 acres on a six-mile drive. The town of Santa Claus in Indiana has a 1.2mile Land of Lights drivethrough experience, naturally. THE 300-foot-high Skywalk, just east of the Allegheny National Forest in Pennsylvania, is an observation deck made from the tornadoravaged remains of the Kinzua Viaduct's huge steel tower. prison rodeo Rodeos are an American institution but among the more unusual is Angola Prison Rodeo, held in Louisiana State Penitentiary maximum security jail. As a reward for good behaviour, inmates take part in events such as bull and bronco riding and Prisoner Pinball, played amidst loose bulls in which the last remaining participant wins. go to market Soak up the sounds, sights and character of public markets. On a tour of Seattle’s Pike Place Market, watch vendors throwing fish before they are wrapped for customers. Baltimore’s public market system is the oldest still operating in the US, pre-dating the Declaration of Independence. the Declaration of Independence. TRAILER FOR RENT Glamp under the stars in a timeless American trailer. Silver Airstreams have been turning heads on highways for 80 years and you can stay in style in models dating back to the 1950s at The Vintages Trailer Resort in Oregon’s Willamette Valley, as well as in other classic makes. FAT TUESDAY in mobile New Orleans is synonymous with Mardi Gras, its parades and raucous celebrations, but America’s first Mardi Gras festivities were in Mobile, Alabama, in 1703, over a century before the Crescent City’s. Today, an estimated 850,000 people attend numerous parades (there are six on Fat Tuesday alone), parties and other carnival events. “Stroll lesser-known boardwalks in Maryland’s Ocean City, Rehoboth Beach in Delaware, Virginia Beach in Virginia, Kemah in Texas and Mission Beach in San Diego, California" AMERICANA