Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

44 BE INSPIRED Award-Winning Attractions Get inspired by award-winning museums with subjects ranging from Mardi Gras to World War II. Dive into the city’s rich history with a modern twist at Sazerac House Museum, enjoy interactive story telling with 360-degree views at Vue Orleans, or immerse yourself in a cultural funhouse at JAMNOLA. Celebrated Cuisine New Orleans’ rich history and cocktail culture have led the city to become one of the most legendary places to eat in the world. With hundreds of restaurants to choose from, you can experience a culinary adventure that spans a wide array of cuisines and atmospheres. A City of Festivity With over 100 festivals each year there's a celebration for everything and everyone in New Orleans. The city is home to so many fascinating festivals year-round that celebrate fabulous food, innovative music and cultural diversity. Be sure to check out the festival line-up to plan your visit. Live Music New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz music. Today, live music permeates and enriches everyday life in the city. All kinds of musical genres, from traditional jazz to zydeco to rock and the blues can be found here on street corners, in music venues and at worldrenowned festivals. “Don’t leave New Orleans without catching a set of traditional, unamplified jazz at cozy and historic Preservation Hall in the French Quarter" Experience more than 300 years’ worth of stories, celebrations and one-of-a-kind culture in New Orleans, Louisiana New Orleans The highlights of BE INSPIRED, VISIT NEWORLEANS.COM