Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

Pictured Main image: Pheasant on the Prairie, on the Enchanted Highway, North Dakota; Right: Oversized Lucy the Elephant, standing proud in Margate City, near Atlantic City, New Jersey; Opposite page: Spam, Spam, Spam...The Spam Museum in Austin, Minnesota lucy the elephant Standing 65 feet tall on Margate City seafront, New Jersey, 142-year-old Lucy the Elephant is the world’s largest elephant and America’s oldest remaining roadside attraction. The wood and metal structure is undergoing a $3 million restoration project but will shed its protective scaffolding for the 2023 season. North Dakota Tourism ONLY IN AMERICA Discover a host of lesser-known odd but unique attractions 48 WEIRD AND WONDERFUL The U.S. has everything from the bizarre to the amazing for visitors to experience – whether it’s giant roadside statues, art installations featuring upturned cars, alien relics, quirky festivals, hotels that are quite simply bonkers and museums to just about everything else imaginable