Visit USA 2023 Travel Planner

ENCHANTed Highway The Enchanted Highway in North Dakota offers some unusual roadside attractions: large sculptures made of scrap metal along 32 miles of road between Gladstone and Regent. Beginning with 'Geese in Flight' others include 'Tin Family', 'Pheasants on the Prairie', 'Grasshoppers in the Field' and 'Enchanted Castle'. having it large Casey in Illinois has made a name for itself for bigging things up. The downtown area features an open-air collection of many of the world’s largest curios, as certified by Guinness World Records . Among them are the world’s largest mailbox, golf tee, golf club, wind chime, rocking chair, pitchfork and gavel...and many more oversized items. roadkill cuisine Forming part of Marlington, West Virginia’s annual Autumn Harvest Festival, the Roadkill Cookoff celebrates the culinary delights of “country road vittles”. Teams of chefs compete for prizes cooking up dishes from the thousands of animals and birds commonly killed on the area’s roads. spam a lot Discover everything you always wanted to know about the ubiquitous tinned meat at the free Spam Museum, in Austin, Minnesota. Explore its history, try Spam recipes in its Monty Python Cafe and buy Spam-centric gifts to take home. You can even sign up as a SPAMbassador. Visitors to Weldon, Missouri, can now access the top of what was once the site of the USA's largest explosives factory. The NUCLEAR WASTE ADVENTURE TRAIL AND MUSEUM has a new stairway to the top of the seven-story mound of hazardous waste now entombed in concrete. A 56-foot-tall statue of VULCAN, the Roman god of fire and forge, stares down on Birmingham, Alabama. The world's largest cast iron statue represents the city's iron and steel industry heritage. RIVERS | LAKES & OCEAN | EXPEDITION where tradition comes alive To request a brochure call: 01223 568904 or visit Inclusive Fares Experience FLIGHTS FROM THE UK TRANSFERS ABROAD 1 NIGHT PRE-CRUISE HOTEL STAY PRE-CRUISE PREMIUM CITY HIGHLIGHTS EXCURSION UNLIMITED GUIDED TOURS UNLIMITED BEVERAGES OPEN BARS & LOUNGES ON BOARD GRATUITIES ACCLAIMED CUISINE IN MULTIPLE VENUES IN-ROOM DINING UNLIMITED WI-FI BICYCLES* & HIKING STICKS LIVE, DAILY ENTERTAINMENT & ENRICHMENT PRE & POST CRUISE PACKAGES AVAILABLE * river cruises only Delve into the cultures, customs and communities of North America Mississippi & Ohio Rivers, Cumberland & Tennessee Rivers, Snake & Columbia Rivers US Great Lakes, Canada & New England Alaska Financially Protected