Top dishes to try in the USA

You don't have to be a fine-dining enthusiast to get excited about eating out in the USA. From sea to shining sea, America’s states cook up a veritable feast of classic dishes everywhere from mom and pop diners and food trucks to fancy restaurants. The influx of colonists, settles and immigrants from all over the world, coupled with the customs of indigenous Native Americans, has resulted in probably the most diverse range of culinary experiences of any country.

Some cities boast their signature creations – think , Chicago’s deep-pan pizza and New Orleans jambalaya – as do various states. Dishes to try while you’re in the USA include Florida’s key lime pie, Georgia peach pie, Maine lobster, Maryland crab cakes, Massachusetts clam chowder and Washington sockeye salmon. Other much-loved staples include s’mores (toasted marshmallow sandwiched), twinkles (cream-filled cakes), corn dogs and, not forgetting America’s favourite, apple pie.

America’s City of Gastronomy

Tuscon has become the first US city to be designated a UNESCO City of Gastronomy. The Arizona city was recognised for its diverse restaurants blending Old World and New World cuisine, its long agricultural heritage, its use of indigenous ingredients and the university of Arizona’s highly-regarded food biodiversity conservation programmes.

The largest Spanish restaurant in the world

The Columbia Restaurant in Ybor City is Florida’s oldest restaurant and the largest Spanish restaurant in the world. Owned and operated by five generations of the same family for over 110 years, menu favourites include Cuban sandwiches (first dished up in the 1890s for local cigar workers) and paella.

Scoop! Vermont’s chilled attraction

Ice cream lovers can take a tour of the Waterbury headquarters of Ben & Jerry’s – it’s Vermont’s most popular attraction.

Posted on: 01/05/2017

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