Visit USA Awards winner: Essentially America's Mary Moore Mason

Visit USA Media Awards: Contribution to Travel Industry Award


Want to know how to get the best out of your trip to the USA? We recommend you read the work of Mary Moore Mason, winner of this year’s Visit USA Association Contribution to the Travel Industry award. 


This award isn’t given out every year; and recognises both Mary Moore Mason and Essentially America for the ongoing work to promote the benefits of travel to the USA.


Mary is a multi-award-winning London-based American journalist who has been a stalwart of the US travel industry for many years, first working for Pam Am in their PR team then a key part of the team that launched, Essentially America, 25 years ago. Since then she has been awarded some of the most prestigious awards in the business, by organisations including State of California and the US Travel Association. A travel writer with in-depth knowledge of USA travel, in 2018 achieved her aim of visiting the last two of all 50 US States. 


This year Mary celebrated editing the 100th issue of Essentially America - the only UK travel magazine to exclusively cover travel to and in North America. Read through the magazine’s latest stories for a sure fire way to get excited about your next trip to the USA, or get ideas from the magazine on its Facebook, instagram and twitter feeds. [links to these]


We invite you to get a feel for Mary’s engaging writing in the story below, or read more of her work on the Essentially America website here.  


America's Grand Circle Region 


Posted by Mary Moore Mason - Editor | May 6, 2019 | The Grand Circle


Unique native nations, spectacular scenery and archaeological wonders


Travelling around in a circle might not initially sound like a good idea until you realise it is a Grand Circle, which encompasses an enchanting region of numerous and varied Native American Nations, ancient, internationally-esteemed archaeological sites and some of the world’s most-spectacular scenery.


Spanning parts of the south-western states of Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah, the region includes such unique Native American sites as Acoma, the oldest continuously-inhabited place in North America; Supai, the capital of the Havasupai sited deep in the heart of the Grand Canyon; the Hualapai’s SkyWalk, jutting out over another part of the Canyon; and the massive Navajo Nation’s homeland, which encompasses parts of three states and the largest Native American reservation in the USA.


For many decades, the residents of these ancestral tribal homelands have understandably remained suspicious of outsiders. Ever since the early 16th-century arrival in the region of Spanish conquistadors, they have struggled to retain their identity, culture and lands against the incursions of land-hungry settlers, mining interests and, indeed, the American government itself. However, aware of the appeal of their culture, scenic wonders and beautiful crafts, many tribes are now welcoming visitors as long as they remember that they should respect the rules of these unique tribes and nations which have their own governments, laws, cultures, religious practices and languages. One of the great attractions of the Grand Circle region is its amazing array of beautiful, varied and unique Native American crafts. The Hopis not only produce handsome pottery, but also unique kachina carvings inspired by the spirits that they believe guide and inspire them – you can meet many of the artists and visit their galleries by following the Hopi Arts Trail.


New Mexico’s Acoma Indians are also known for their beautiful pottery, which is displayed and sold in the Sky City Cultural Center & Haak’u Museum at the base of their cliff-top ‘Sky City’; the nearby Zuni are best-known for their intricate jewellery, which features inlaid, multi-coloured gem stones; the Arizona-based Navajos excel in handsome, often-quite-flamboyant silver and turquoise jewellery and magnificent woven rugs; and collectors of magnificent pottery often head for the pueblos around New Mexico’s Espanola. And even as you travel to these and other places, you can visit the remains of the impressive, often-awe-inspiring architecture of the ancient indigenous cultures. So, how can you take in the numerous such sites of an enormous region?


Read the full story here on the Essentially America website to find out!  




Posted on: 26/08/2019

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