Discover & Explore Ithaca’s Waterfalls!

Taughannock Falls-A 400ft deep gorge carved through layers of sandstone, shale and limestone was once the bed of an ancient sea. With a 215ft plunge, this waterfall stands 3 stories taller than Niagara Falls.   
Lucifer & Enfield Falls at Robert Treman State Park-An area of rustic beauty with craggy gorges and winding trails bear "fire & brimstone" names like 115ft Lucifer Falls & Devil's Kitchen. The park features 6 trails with rocky gorges, wooded areas and historic Gristmill. Popular with families for a lifeguarded swim area, the Lower falls is the most visible of the park’s 12 falls.
Buttermilk & Pulpit Falls-Buttermilk Creek descends over 500ft in a series of cascades and rapids with a natural pool at the base. The park features 5 trails that wander through a variety of landscapes.  Visible from the park entrance, Buttermilk Falls is the largest of 10 falls along Buttermilk Creek.
Ithaca Falls-With a drop of 150ft and 175ft width, Ithaca Falls is the region’s most powerful and impressive. By 1817, a half-dozen mills were operating here, their ruins visible on the south bank. The plunge pool is famous among anglers for lake-run trout and salmon. 
Lick Brook Falls-The Sweedler Preserve at Lick Brook has 3 major falls, 25ft, 47ft, & 93ft in a hidden nature preserve. Managed by the Finger Lakes Land Trust, Lick Brook remains wild and undeveloped. The best time to view the waterfalls is after a rainstorm. 
Cascadilla Falls-Picturesque Cascadilla Falls is a 20ft multiple cascading fall, the first on a popular gorge trail connecting Cornell University to downtown. Along the way, the creek drops 400ft past 9 waterfalls. 
Triphammer Falls-A 55ft multiple cascading fall named for the Triphammer forge that opened in the 1820s, it’s a centerpiece of the Cornell campus. University founder Ezra Cornell built the first Beebe Lake Dam to deliver reliable year-round waterpower to mills downstream. 
Ludlowville Falls-A 35ft cascade with a pioneer history, Salmon Creek pours over a limestone cap to form beautiful Ludlowville Falls. The shale underneath eroded away, creating an overhang cave and plunge pool. This waterfall powered the settlement of Ludlowville, named for the pioneer family that built a gristmill here in 1795. 
“Businessman’s Lunch”-A set of 4 cascading falls - 30ft, 5ft, 15ft, 15ft.  Beauty and history are highlights at Businessman’s Lunch (Wells Falls), where the creek tumbles 65ft in 4 drops against the backdrop of an old millwork. 


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Posted on: 28/09/2021

Discover & Explore Ithaca’s Waterfalls!

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