South Dakota - Powwows, Prairies & Pioneers with Bon Voyage

South Dakota was named after the Native American Sioux tribes - the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota who historically dominated the territory.  The discovery of gold in the Black Hills brought prosperity to the region, but also land disputes and war between new settlers and the Sioux. The history of the area and Native American heritage is as evident today as it was then.  If you are lucky enough to experience a powwow - a Native American celebration and social event, you'll never forget it.  The drums, dances and elaborate feather and beadwork are a privilege to witness.  South Dakota is called the land of infinite variety.  And with good reason! Variety is everywhere from the diverse geography to the rich history and famous inhabitants.  
Speaking of inhabitants, South Dakota covers an area over 77,000 square miles, but averages just 10 people per square mile.  That means plenty of wide open space to explore....the prairies, Badlands and Black Hills.  Oh, and South Dakota has more shoreline than the state of Florida, so make sure you bring your swimming costume.  And your cowboy hat, Rodeo is the state sport!   
And, we haven't even started talking about the famous monuments, National Parks and wildlife.  We best get you on your way - click here for the full itinerary!  


Posted by: Bon Voyage Travel & Tours
Posted on: 17/01/2022

South Dakota - Powwows, Prairies & Pioneers with Bon Voyage

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