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No substitute for first hand experience.
We all know that this statement is so true. So we invest significant amounts of our resource in flying our people out to experience all the places we want you to buy a holiday to. There are so many aspects to a really successful holiday, when is the best time to go, how do you get there, how long should you stay and where, what routes should you take what things should you do whilst there, where should you eat, what should you tip and where can I turn for help if and when needed - I'm glad to say we've got all those bases covered and some.. In the last 12 months alone we have had people in New England, California, Las Vegas, North Carolina, Washington, Oregon, the Canadian Rockies, Vancouver, the Great Lakes, Yellowstone National Park, Florida, Palm Springs, Scottsdale, on Route 66, on the Rocky Mountaineer train, in hot air balloons, on rafts, on floatplanes, on boats, canoes, horses and cable cars, I could go on.


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