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The two neighbouring states of Kansas and Oklahoma constitute the ‘heart’ of the USA and are part of the Great Plains - the wide grasslands between the Mississippi River and the Rocky Mountains, offering a large range of very special natural and cultural experiences plus warm hospitality. People are welcoming, caring and witty at the same time, and cowboys and Native American Indians are not a tourist attraction, but part of everyday life.

KANSAS  The name traces back to the Kanza or Kaw Indians, who call themselves ‘People of the South Wind’. 19th century explorer Zebulon Pike named the land ‘The Great American Desert’ – a region inappropriate for settlement – but it became ‘America's Breadbasket’ - an area of cattle ranches and farms with original prairie preserved as the only remaining virgin Tallgrass Prairie in North America.

OKLAHOMA  ‘Okla homma’ – ‘Red People’ - is what the Choctaw Indians originally called the native population and it’s the name given to the area when it became America’s 46th state in 1907. Prior, in 1803, Oklahoma had been declared ‘Indian Territory’ by U S President Thomas Jefferson.

INTRIGUING TERRITORY  Travelling in Kansas and Oklahoma provides an introduction to the authentic culture of the Native American Indians and cowboys, but you’ll also get to know pioneers and oil magnates and to explore a variety of ecosystems. The major natural feature is the prairie, but the landscape ranges from grassland and mountains to lakes and woods. Historically and culturally the region is colourful with a broad range of fascinating events and exciting chapters of history. Travellers interested in the Santa Fe Trail, the Oregon/California Trail, Route 66, the Trail of Tears or the Chisholm Trail can delve into the subject to make it all come alive.

COOL’ CITIES AND QUIRKY TOWNS  From our largest cities - Oklahoma City and Kansas City, through our mid-size cities - Tulsa and Wichita to our smallest towns - like Lucas, KS and Sulphur, OK - the atmosphere is vibrant, warm and welcoming. Farm to plate food; art and culture; live music and sport - all of these are easily accessible in Kansas and Oklahoma. You will be very welcome … and endlessly surprised and delighted!


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