National Park changes to be aware of in 2022

In the past couple of years, the National Park Service has seen big and small changes to our national park system. And, in 2022, from an increased reliance on reservations to the introduction of timed-entry permits and fee increases. Here's a look at some national park updates visitors can expect to see this year.
Back in 2020, Rocky Mountain National Park was the first national park to implement a timed-entry permit. It was a response to the COVID-19 However they're sticking with them again in 2022. Which other national parks require reservations?
Yosemite and Glacier National Parks introduced timed-entry permit systems in 2021, and like Rocky Mountain National Park, they're using them again. The success of these programs has led other national parks to try them as well. Arches National Park is introducing timed-entry permits in 2022, as are Zion National Park, Shenandoah National Park, Acadia National Park. It should be noted that the scope of timed-entry permits varies from park to park. For instance, Zion started requiring timed-entry permits in 2022 for hikers who want to make use of the Angels Landing Trail from April 1st, while Arches National Park's timed-entry permits will apply to all day-use visitors between April 3rd and October 3rd.
If you're planning an RV road trip to any of these national parks this year, they usually allow you to make timed-entry permit NPS reservations several months out, so jump on their websites and reserve a spot now.
Reservations for Camping of particular relevance for RV travelers is the fact that more national parks are doing away with first-come, first-served campgrounds in 2022. Which national parks require reservations for camping? Grand Teton National Park has completely done away with first-come, first-served camping, with all spots requiring online reservations. Some national parks require reservations only for certain campgrounds, while others can be expected to follow Grand Teton's example and require reservations for all sites. Plan ahead of time, and check if your preferred campground requires NPS reservations before you head out.
Contact your tour operator or local travel agent for more information regarding these changes. 


Posted by: Cruise America & Canada RV Rentals Inc
Posted on: 07/07/2022

National Park changes to be aware of in 2022 - by Cruise America & Canada RV Rentals Inc

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National Park changes to be aware of in 2022

Planning on RV tripping to a national park but don’t know which national parks require reservations? See our list of NPS reservations for updated 2022 changes!

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