Red, White and Black – Diversity in Oregon’s Winemaking

Oregon, located on the Pacific Coast of the USA, prides itself on its diversity within the travel industry. To showcase this, Travel Oregon is re-releasing the 2017 independent documentary about minority winemakers Red, White and Black, which is now free to download from today until 19 July 2020. 
Red, White & Black is a passion project and brainchild of Bertony Faustin, proprietor of Abbey Creek Vineyard in North Plains, Oregon. The first recorded Black winemaker in Oregon, Bertony began the Red, White & Black journey to help identify and tell the stories of the other minority winemakers. He is breaking stereotypes with every bottle and has garnered attention around the globe for his quest to grow diversity in winemaking.
With vibrancy and truth, Red, White, and Black highlights the lives of minority winemakers who have begun changing the face of Oregon’s winemaking culture. This documentary delves into the challenges and accomplishments of winemakers of colour and the LGBTQ community who have traditionally been excluded from the predominantly white, highbrow industry. This is a story about visionaries who have removed barriers in pursuit of their dreams. It shows how winemakers of different backgrounds and experiences have persevered in their art and have also helped to raise social awareness.
Other participants in the documentary include Jarod Sleet of ROCO Winery in Newberg, a young, gay black man from Kentucky who moved to Oregon to get into the industry. Faustin donated his first two tons of fruit to Sleet to produce his first two barrels of rose and then pinot noir.
Another is Remy Drabkin of Remy Wines in McMinnville, a lesbian winemaker who says she still gets asked if her non-existent husband is the winemaker.Andre Mack of Mouton Noir Wines in McMinnville is a New York City-based sommelier who comes to Oregon each year to source his grapes for his label, which he sells internationally. 
A fifth featured winemaker, Jesus Guillén of Guillén Family Wines and White Rose Estate Winery and Vineyard, was one of the few Latino head winemakers in the state before he died of cancer at age 37 in late 2018, after the film’s release.
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Posted by: Travel Oregon
Posted on: 06/07/2020

Red, White and Black – Diversity in Oregon’s Winemaking - by Travel Oregon

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