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Brightline - Premium rail service between Miami and Orlando

Ride brighter in Florida with Brightline’s premium rail service. Travel with comfort and convenience between Miami and Orlando with stops in Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach.

Nashville, Memphis & New Orleans with Bon Voyage

Three fabulous Southern cities  - and no driving involved.

Trailfinders United States of America

Inspirational USA holidays featuring fly drives, motorhomes, rail journeys, multi centres, guided group journeys, cruises, city breaks, beach holidays, walking and cycling.


Travelling by train can be one of the best ways to see America in all its glory. You travel by train across the entire country from one coast to the other. Or, perhaps just take a trip back to the past on an historical railroad that was one of the first building blocks of the nation. Whether in a hurry or not, crossing America by train could be a fantastic option - just look at some of the possible rides that you can consider.

A Long Distance Cross Country Rail Ride

You can travel across the entire country on a 3,000 miles trip from one coast to the other in just three nights. That’s without any stopovers at all. There are 5 routes to choose from and each option is completely unique. Some are incredibly scenic, others are faster, and there are even possibilities that provide you with the luxury of first-class travel.

You can choose to stop off overnight in a destination - for instance, if you travel via New Orleans, you can spend a night in the Mardi Gras City. Plan your journey at the right time and you might even be able to stop over on one of the most exciting nights of the year.

Take a Train Route Across America

One of the most popular and incredible train rides across America is the California Zephyr that journeys from Chicago to San Francisco. You can take this train in connection with the Capitol Limited that can be boarded at Washington and that travels to Chicago.

If you want to make sure that you see the incredible scenery as you pass through America this is the train to ride on. The 51-hour journey will take you through Nebraska farmland, up and over the rocky mountains, through the Colorado river valleys and deep between the Sierra Nevada mountains. As you can imagine, you won’t want to sleep through this journey. Aside from being one of the most beautiful train journeys you can take it’s also one of the most historically significant - this route covers a lot of the first ever transcontinental railroad so you’ll actually be travelling across a part of American history.

Wine and Dine

As well as providing incredible sights many of the train rides across America provide fantastic food and drink to enjoy on your travel adventure. On the California Zephyr, you’ll be treated to a delicious bacon and egg sandwich. If you head to the sightseer lounge, you can enjoy a cocktail as you gaze out at the stunning landscape. The chairs are actually pointed at the windows to give you the best view, while you’re enjoying your meal.

Every Ride is Incredible

The California Zephyr is just one of the dazzling scenic routes across North America that you can consider. If you take the Southwest Chief, you can travel from windy Chicago to sunny LA and journey over the world reknown Santa Fe railroad. The journey continues alongside Route 66, and you can even stop off to take in the Grand Canyon before you reach your final destination.

Journey from New York to Florida

Another possibility would be to journey by rail from New York to Florida on Amtrak’s Silver Meteor. Here you can enjoy reclining seats, a full sleeping car and a complete dining option. Over the course of two days, you’ll travel from New York to Washington through Jacksonville to arrive in Orlando. Or, you can choose to continue on the journey to reach Miami.

Explore the Outdoors on the Rocky Mountaineer

If you want to take a train ride that also allows you to explore the wild outdoors, journey through the rocky mountains, while enjoying a delicious three-course meal. Once you reach the mountains, you’ll be free to take a guided tour around the area including hiking and river rafting. This isn’t the only train ride that allows you to hop off and explore but it is certainly one of the most exciting.

Discover Virginia on a River Train

If you would love to see the true beauty of West Virginia and Maryland, you can on the New River Train. Running just twice a year this includes a trip across the Cass Scenic Railroad, and it even has a former logging car that can now be used for passengers. The vintage train is like taking a trip to the past with 1920s era coaches, providing an unforgettable travel experience.


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