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Drone film of Nickelodeon Universe in Mall of America

Amazing and one-of-a-kind footage of Mall of America and its theme park, Nickelodeon Universe. 

Welcome back to Mall of America!

Mall of America has been preparing for your return and we’ve made some changes to keep everyone safe. Explore our open spaces and create new memories. We can’t wait to see you.

Mall of America 2021 Visitors Guide

Mall of America is the largest shopping + entertainment complex in North America and is located in Bloomington, Minnesota. Explore our open spaces and create new memories.

Endless shopping, entertainment and dining experiences await at MOA in Bloomington, MN.

Mall of America offers more than 520 world-class stores and no sales tax on clothing or shoes. The Mall also features 50+ dining options and many attractions for hours of family fun including Nickelodeon Universe.


The USA is famous for its incredible shopping opportunities, it has changed the way that people shop all over the world with malls and department stores dedicated to bringing the brightest and the best products to customers.

But shopping isn’t just about buying things, it is also about wandering around craft markets or looking into the small independent boutiques or tracking down the store you have heard so much about! The only question you really need to be asking is, where do I start?

Designer Shopping

With New York Fashion Week each year and plenty of designer stores lining the streets of the USA’s biggest cities, it should come as no surprise that America is the place to be for designer shopping. As well as the biggest names in American fashion, many international designer labels also have stores and offices in the States, offering all their fabulous products to the most selective customers. Even if you just want to window-shop, you must try some designer shopping on your next visit.

Classic Malls and Mega Malls

Featured in almost every teen movie of note, the American Mall is a standard that has been copied around the world. The fabulous architecture, the grand entrances and domed ceilings all lend themselves to cinematic sets. Since their first opening in the early 1900s, malls have changed the way people shop and made it into more of an experience than a necessity. The large variety of shops and entertainment, as well as food, means that there is plenty to do, see and buy whatever your budget or time limit.

Outlet Stores

Bargain hunters prepare yourselves because America is the home of the original outlet store and has plenty to offer. There are outlet stores across the United States, each one offering amazing discounts on everything from designer labels to home names, fashion, accessories and homewares too. You can look ahead to find out if there are any extra deals you might be able to get from the dedicated Customer Information Centers.

Craft Markets

If you are looking for something a little bit alternative, craft markets are big in the USA. There are a few large ones that can be found in multiple states like Renegade Craft Fair, some that only arrive a few times of the year and other smaller markets that are unique to their local area. With the amount of variety craft markets have to offer, they are well worth a day trip. The artists and craftspeople take real pride in their work and are always pleased to chat about what they have created. You won’t find a community like this anywhere else in the world.


The mall may be the best place to find everything you need, but boutiques can be the best way to find everything you want. Often boutiques will collaborate with different designers to present something new or different. This is ideal if you are looking for high fashion that hasn’t hit the mainstream. Luxury and sophistication are the watchwords here and you are certain to receive unparalleled customer service too.

Departments Stores

Like malls, department stores changed shopping, introducing a new way for shoppers to enjoy the experience by looking at everything on offer and being able to see what they might buy. The most famous names in the USA have to be Macy’s and Barney’s, both of which have must-visit locations in New York. You can even go up on the old wooden escalators in Macy’s! These department stores hark back to a great development in American history, but they also look forward into the future with incredible displays and new ideas.

With so many opportunities and different styles of shopping in the USA, you may have to consider bringing an extra suitcase to take home all your purchases!


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